While the Malaysian train services also known as KTM or the Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad is the nationalized network of trains available to the locals and the tourists alike who intends to travel inside the nation or go and explore the neighboring countries in a safe and hassle free manner.

malaysia-ktm1While mostly the trains and the associated services of the KTM are affordable, good and relatively a cheaper option, the various classifications of classes in the trains make certain difference in terms of the amenities and luxuries involved.

The usual train classes that a traveler or a tourist should be aware of while booking his or her tickets in the KTM national bus services are discussed below.

  1. The Economy Class: This is the basic class available in the trains which requires a minimal pay for a ticket in order to travel in these Malaysian KTM operated ones. The basic amenities included here are air conditioned compartments, seats without an adjustable back along with toilet facility.
  2. The Premier Class: This is the medium level class while talking about the KTM train services prevalent in Malaysia. In this one the basic amenities include comfortable three seats in a single row, a clean and more spacious air conditioned compartment full with a toilet.
  3. The Superior Class: This is the VIP class compartments which are available in the KTM national Malaysian train services. The amenities included here are comfortable four seats in a particular row; toilets and air conditioned compartments are given which are neat and clean.

In addition to the above, in times when the travel is overnight for train to ipoh, sleeper trains are available as well which can be booked. These sleeper overnight trains are full with amenities like private toilets, air conditioner, towel and toiletries, beds, basins and bedding too.

Now when you are clear with the differences, it will make the booking decision easier for sure.