When we went to Malaysia, I selected the trains to travel from one place to another. But, everyone was always asking us, why did you select the train, what was the reason for it and was the decision any good?

Well, today, I am writing this blog just to answer these questions and respond to everyone’s question about how the KTM service was.

The KTM train service is the Malaysia’s national Train service provider and it is totally owned by the state itself. So, let us talk about my experience of using the service.

When I left KL

train332Since I was a foreigner in Malaysia, I first had to reach Malaysia via flight and automatically my first destination was the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. KL, as you might know, is a city draped with traditional values and astronomical commercial centres.

People of KL love their fast way of life, and their national train service provides the same benefits to them.

After checking out the tall buildings, the city square and the numerous temples and mosques in KL, I decided to head to Penang state and particularly to the city of Butterworth. I would come all the way from Singapore by taking the train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Butterworth is famous for its defence air station, Tow Boo Kong Temple, its religious sentiments and, of course, its shopping centres and hypermarkets.

But, I was facing one conundrum, which mode of transport to select from KL to BW?

Train, train come again

Now I am a person who always looks for quality in whatever things I select or travel in. And, this same thing always occupies my mind at the time of selecting a mode of transport. When I wanted to travel to Butterworth from KL, I decided to shun the flight and the road and went for the train.

Yes, I went on to the internet, selected my train, the Ekspres Rakyat, paid the money for the ticket and viola; I was on for the trip. Now, I select the AFC class of train, but I could have taken the ASC class too; but I wanted to travel lavishly.

And, when I reached the KL Sentral station, I knew I was in for a surprise. My train was so modern looking and fantastic that I feel in love with it!

The seats on the AFC class, as well as on the ASC class, were so comfortable that I was able to sleep as soon as the train left the terminal.

The safety and convenient

It took nearly 5 and half hours for the train to reach Penang and Butterworth, but every single second of my trip was quite cool and refreshing. The trains in Malaysia are pretty safe and comfortable to travel in. And, time wise they are also pretty reliable.

Hence, if you ever want to travel from one place to another in Malaysia, then it is always better to opt for the malaysia train. Although I did not take a ride on the other train services in Malaysia, but I heard that even they are equally good as the KTM service.

So, if you ever want to travel inter-city in Malaysia, then the trains should become your automatic choice.