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Transportation To Tioman Island

Going for a vacation in another country or continent can be all fun and games in your head until it comes to paying the bills. It would be a great thing to travel if you are going to travel to your destination at a cheap price and have fun and still relax as you will not be losing a how do you save money while from Mersing to Tioman island in Malaysia?

For transportation

Get offers

There are so many offers from companies that provide travel services to consumers at offer a lot less that the actual individual booking of flights from the airports. This is a first step in getting discounts for your traveling and saving money. You will also find that traveling during certain seasons of the year and booking earlier flights gets you discounts.

Get coupons

The companies offering traveling tips are even cheaper when you key in the coupon codes. The coupons may allow you to get more that 50% discounts on trips thus saving you money. Coupon companies also make it easy for you to get your whole family to Malaysia.

Consider linking flights

Sometimes, it is cheaper to take partial flights. Therefore, consider stopping at one destination and linking with another flight. Doing this may be very inconveniencing for people with many luggage and children so look at the pros and cons before taking this option.

Pick your travel times

It is much cheaper to travel during the times when most people are not traveling too. This way you are likely to save more by paying less than you would have paid if you had traveled when it is busy season.

It is also cheaper if you look at the travel prices throughout the day. Most times, the travel costs usually change all throughout the day. Find when it is cheapest and book your flight for that time.

Choose the perfect means of transportation while at the island

If you are going to the Tioman island, it is important that u use transportation that is appropriate and that will get you to the island at an affordable price. The ferry Tioman is a great way to get you to the island and it is cost effective.



Food for tourists is usually very expensive especially in four and five star hotels. You don’t have to go to hotels to eat all through your visit, you can cook for yourself. It is not done in most cases however, it is fun and inexpensive to cook for yourself rather than eat out. If you decide to eat out, go to simple hotels. It is very likely that they offer the same foods as the big hotels at much more affordable prices.


Do not go to the five star hotels and get huge suits. While you want quality, you need affordable quality. You can still find cheap accommodations in hotels. Some hotels even offer shared dorm like accommodation that is very cheap and still safe and clean. Therefore going for this will ensure you save money to buy items to take home during the day and still be rested at night.